October 27, 2015

I have had many jobs. From stockboy to singing waiter. I have worked behind the scenes and I have been known to sing on a Broadway stage. What I have found to be my universal “take-away” is that it is not the job description that motivates us, it is the people we share the work experience with who make it a gift and not a chore. It’s the people. I count myself lucky to have worked alongside many inspiring colleagues through the years, who I now simply call: friends. In less than a week, I am teaming up with two such friends on a very special benefit concert in Syracuse, New York: The B-Side. Kelly Kinsella and Debra Barsha – two native Syracusans who share the same work address with me: 245 W. 52nd Street (a.k.a. The August Wilson Theatre). Both: incredible talents. Both: creative minds. Both: big hearts. Both: bold laughers! I will do my best to keep up with these two powerhouses.


  1. All those in attendance will enjoy something very special! You, Joseph Leo are very special for being part of yet another worthwhile benefit! Best wishes to you, Kelly and Debra!

  2. What a pleasure to meet you and to enjoy your music today! Hope you didn’t feel too out of place amidst all of us native 315-er’s.

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