What A Site to See!

September 22, 2015


Welcome to Josephleobwarie.com.

Completely redesigned, this will be home-base for news, info, blogs and the JLB calendar. I am so proud of the new site and the gents who helped put this all together. I hope you all like it. As with all newness, we are still a “work in progress” as we hone this site to offer the most user-friendly appeal. Please send any suggestions or helpful comments to [email protected].

And I will see you on the web! – JLB


  1. This is a fantastic new site. Crisp, cool, totally you.
    I could say volumes more but it really is The Good Stuff with a lot of Nothin’ But Love.

  2. I love the new website but I miss the old blog. Maybe you could put the old ones back up and add to them. Can’t wait to purchase your new CD. You’re the best.

  3. Joseph Leo, love your new site! Everything is JLB reinvented yet, still the same wonderful you!

    I must have ESP, because I was just thinking that, in addition to your new, fabulous album, a Christmas CD would be a beautiful thing! (and yes, Christmas gift list done!)

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