Catch a Falling Star

September 22, 2015

The 2015 Covenant House Sleep Out: Broadway Edition was not about sleeping outside for a night. It was so much more. In the simplest of ways, it served as a reminder that we all lucky enough to have the means and opportunity to help those less fortunate – to look up from our cell phones and privileged lives and help. Many contributed to my fundraising page and I am truly grateful for your kindness. Your donations totaled over $5,000.

That night, the president of Covenant House succinctly stated to a packed room of Broadway professionals, “In times of crisis along our journeys, we have had someone there to catch us. These young people did not.” He went on to say, “the least notable thing about these young people is that they are without a home.” So true. The young people we met at Covenant House were astounding in all areas of life. They just did not have a home.

On the occasion that any one of us were to slip and fall in our climb to the top of life – we are blessed with champions who will catch us and guide us back to our paths. The young people who have found Covenant House are lucky to have you in their corner. With your help and the help of so many others, they will have that opportunity and the hope for a bright future.

Click here to see the progress on the JLB fundraising page.

Thank you! – JLB

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  1. JLB and charity these words are synonymous with love. Keep up the good work. We will keep up the giving and support.

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